Thursday, 26 January 2012

General Study Tips To Be Followed During Exams

Have a look at the below points before you prepare for your exams and try to follow it.

  • Avoid wasting time in unnecessary discussion regarding question paper pattern, correction scheme etc. In short avoid gossips.
  • Never compare yourself with others. Imprecise comparisons may increase your anxiety and tension.
  • Do not stay awake for longer duration before the exam. It may lead to mental fatigue and physical exhaustion. Late night study will make you feel sleepy in the hall.
  • Do not choose the bedroom or your bed for study as it will induce the tendency to relax.
  • Avoid last minute preparation. Eleventh hour plans create worry, anxiety and may fall short of the standards.
  • Choose your peer group carefully. Boys usually prefer group study. If the group motive is good, there will be good results. Otherwise group learning may get diluted. So avoid group learning for longer durations.
  • Do not read continuously. Non-stop work is monotonous. So switch over for a change. For instance, if you are reading a heavy subject or unit, if you have spent a long time for it, for a change read easier topics or language. Change of activity, in itself, is a kind of rest.
  • Avoid discussions with your friends, before entering the exam hall. Their statements may confuse you and make you compare and feel different.
  • For relaxation, never make TV your choice. Unconsciously it will swallow your time and drain your energy.
  • Food has its impact on your physique and so avoid too much of stuffy food, oily items and non-vegetarian items. Use of fried items may dull the mind. Instead take salads, fresh juice etc. That will provide more energy.
  • First of all and last of all, do not delay and do not procrastinate. By delaying preparation, a student will lose a year or six months.


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